This weeks food bag from KbhFF

Rhubarb, scallions, potatoes, enoki mushrooms, radishes, romaine lettuce, green and white asparagus.

All for only 100 kr!

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Cooked beetroot, baked salmon with vegetables and potatoes

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Cooked beetroot (cook until beets are cooked through). Serve with butter and salt.

Main course:
Baked salmon steaks with olive oil, red onions and carrots in a serving dish. approx. 35min in an oven at 250 degrees Celsius. Potatoes and celery also at 250gr for approx. 45 min also baked. You can also choose to eat the cooked beetroot to the main course.

The cooked beetroots with the melting butter and salt flakes on top is perfect for children. My son loves these and couldn’t get enough.

Remember to always be aware that a large quantity of beetroot colors “waste” red next day. There is no reason for concern. It is also a good idea to notify the children’s institutions, so nobody will needlessly frightened.

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Sausage, emperor hats and rucula with mashed parsnips and potatoes

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The sausages is from Hanegal. Absolutely the best sausages. They are so meaty compaired to ordinary that the ordinary ones ought to be ashamed to called themselves sausages.

The emperor hats are danish and FRESH – and from KBHff – just like they are supposed to be which makes it great to sautér real quick with apple vinegar cider  and rucula leaves.

The mash is the same same as always, 50-50.

Bon appetít!

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Shoddy “hveder” – the best

These “hveder” was to go in the freezer so they are quite
bright at the top. Plus I was interrupted several times – life as a mother 😉 – during the kneading, therefore they are not the nicest “hveder”. But they are nevertheless delicious!


(for 12)
50 g yeast
500 gr flour
1dl water
1dl whole milk
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 egg
2 tsp Cardamom
Milk for brushing.

How to

Warm milk, water and butter lightly and stir the yeast into it. Mix together beaten egg, flour, salt and sugar in the liquid yeast and knead the dough thoroughly. Let it raise warm and covered until doubled in size – approx. 30 minutes.
Work dough thoroughly again and divide into 12 buns. Place them on a baking sheet, rolls should preferably touching each other and let them rise – if possible in the steam over a saucepan of boiling water – in 20 minutes.

Brush buns with milk or water and bake at 200 degrees C for 15 to 20 minutes.

Split and toasted before being eaten.

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Homemade Summer Salad

Summer Salad
5-8 radishs
100 gr smoked cheese
50 ml “Ymer”

Mix the ingredients carefully. Serve on rye bread.

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Several food bags from KBHFF

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Each bag costs only 100dkr – yes yes I know I’m awfully behind on blogging about the food bags 🙂 Oh and see if you can spot the Buzz Lightyear who helped me 😉

Vegetables week 18
1 pot of rosemary, eco, Kiselgården
1 kg carrots, eco, Rønnely
1 kg parsnips, eco, Rønnely
1 bunch rhubarb, eco, Skyttes
1 bunch leeks, eco, Skyttes
1 tray enoki mushrooms, eco, Tved Mose
1 kg potatoes (Desiree), bio, Birkemose Farm

Vegetables week 17
1 kg baking potatoes (bio) Birkemose Farm
1 kg cooking Permanent exquisa potatoes (bio) Birkemose Farm
1 kg artichoke (eco), Rønnely
1 pc. celery (eco) Rønnely
2 bunch radishes (øk0) Solhjulet
½ kg cucumbers (eco) Solhjulet
½ kg onion (eco) Solhjulet
1 bunch chives (eco) Kiselgården
1 pot of dill (eco) Kiselgården

Vegetables Week 16
1 bag of dandelion leaves, well, Eco
1 bunch radish, wells, Eco
1 bunch chives, Kiselgården, Bio
1 potty pee shoots, Kiselgården. Bio
1 kg parsnips, Skiftekær, Eco
1 kg potatoes Ditta, Birkemose Farm, Organic
1 kg carrots, Rønnely, Eco
½ kg red shallots, Skiftekær, Eco
½ kg striped beets, Skiftekær, Eco

Vegetables week 15
1 bunch chives, Solhjulet, eco
1 ps Portulak, Solhjulet, eco
1 kg Carrots Rønnely, eco
1 kg Parsnip, Rønnely, eco
1 kg beetroot, Birkemose Farm, eco
1 kg Potatoes, Jelly, Birkemose Farm, eco
1 kg Onions Solhjulet, eco
100 gr Horseradish, Solhjulet, eco
500 g cucumber, Lykkesholm eco
1 Celery Rønnely eco

Vegetables week 14
1 bunch Lovage, Kieselgården, eco
1 bk Emperor Hats, Tved Mosaic, eco
500 g Cucumber, Lykkesholm, eco
2 kg Ditta potatoes Birkemose yard, eco
1 kg Carrots Rønnely, eco
1 kg beetroot round Rønnely, eco
1 piece of celery, Rønnely, eco
1 kg Jerusalem artichokes, Rønnely, eco

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Food bag from Kbhff

Yellow onions, beetroot, celery, cucumber, carrots, potatoes, chives, horseradish and parsley root – all for 100kr! Brilliant!!

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